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I grew up in a very rural area and the bathrooms at the time did not have doors, as a result, basically everyone, women included, would bath in open.

And even though I was trying to be a ‘good boy’, I did enjoy seeing their bodies.

My friends at school watched porn and looked at sexual magazines together.

In my childhood I was the traditional figure of a good boy, meaning someone who restrains from porn and making sexual advances.

These women were a mix of female friends, mostly school and college friends, and random numbers I just dialed on my phone.

I didn’t have a romantic partner at the time and did not know what else to talk about besides general greetings.

They even tried with physical force to get me to look at those magazine’s but I would close my eyes because I wanted to be a good guy.

When my friends and I were 14, they were busy talking about masturbation and their interest in girls, while I was busy still peeing the bed.

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