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Is that a video of an octopus escaping a pool through a tiny hole? It’s most popular show right now might be fame) about the family Ball—most notably, La Var and his basketball-playing sons. The first trailer just dropped yesterday for Tom vs.

Facebook launched its “Watch” tab for original video content this past August and, since then, has steadily been building a roster of programs—both scripted and not, irreverent and educational, anthologized and episodic.

“Being a part of a group like Banijay will allow us to provide new formats to its affiliated companies in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and other territories and, also give us the opportunity to produce formats from those international companies within the U. Bunim-Murray Productions, founded more than 20 years ago by the late Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray, is an icon in the reality TV genre both within the US and throughout the world.

Time—a docu-series about the personal life of the GOAT/real-life Captain America, Tom Brady.

The two will serve as executive producers along with Boy George and BMP's chairman and CEO Gil Goldschein and exec vice president of development and programming Jeff Jenkins. "Boy George is a musical and cultural icon, and it's about time someone captured his story," said Goldschein.

They hope to begin production on the show this summer when Boy George arrives in L. "We are experts in producing celeb-reality docuseries, and we couldn't be more excited with the opportunity to tell this story with the right broadcast partner." Iconic '80s performers seem to be in demand for unscripted fare.

Viva Sarah Press reports on the creativity, innovation and ingenuity taking place in Israel.

Her work has been published by international media outlets including Israel Television, CNN, Reuters, Time Out and The Jerusalem Post.

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