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It's really hard to tell in what direction the show will go in...

judging from the previews, it seems like Baron & Megan are the leads since they do the promote at the end of the clips.

And it looked so, our cadaver looked so lifelike, and so real. I think, as we begin to work with the head and neck region, when the head will be unveiled from the pouch that it's been kept in, I think I'll be very uncomfortable with that, because for me, the head and the face are really, kind of, the seat of all emotions: the smile, a frown.

And that will really bring home to me that this was a human life. I find this just an immensely satisfying extension of myself and my realm of experience. The other thing I wanted to know is if you have any questions. First-year medical school is absolutely something that one cannot be emotionally prepared for.

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I like HMS, but I am also looking forward to all these new dramas!! Lego's character doesn't seem really great either. To me, I kind of like seeing, you know, who they've become and....Even though we supposedly have a glut of physicians, there's still a lot of areas which are under-served, and there's a great need for good people to go in and work in those areas.People had been telling me that—before I came—that it would be hard to do anatomy, but I'd get through it and it would be okay. I always have to hold my breath and just calm down for a few minutes before I walk into the room. I'm constantly thinking about the person who donated their body, how they lived and what emotions they had and why they gave up their body.And then we came in the first day and it was worse then I ever expected it could be. I mean, after reading about it, like, all night in the textbook and everything like that, when you finally get to see it—I mean, all these things are very abstract, and you're trying to figure out, well, this goes here, and this goes there, that goes the other place—and then boom, it's in front of you; you can grab it, you can feel it.

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