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You practice and play when you want and often on your own so you don't feel embarrassed about making mistakes in front of other students.The best online piano lesson services, such as Piano Marvel and Playground Sessions, are MIDI compatible, so you can plug a MIDI keyboard into your computer via USB.This is the only online piano software we reviewed that offers one-on-one Skype lessons, which is an important feature if you don’t have access to a piano teacher and are uncomfortable with completely removing the human element from learning process.When you take online piano lessons, you only need a computer and an internet connection – the services provide everything else you need, including access to video tutorials, structured lessons and practice tools.To assess the online piano lesson services, we had a handful of reviewers each test one product.

This is far less expensive than in-person lessons, which can be anywhere from to 0 per month or even per lesson.Piano Marvel, Playground Sessions, Flowkey, Piano Keyz and Online Pianist all allow you to request specific songs for lessons.When you play something that is familiar or a song that you enjoy, it makes learning piano that much more fun and easy.We converted these evaluations into scores to determine how well each program presents the piano curriculum.Part of our ranking is also based on whether the curriculum covers essential basics, such as note values, note names, finger numbers, notes with a corresponding key, and treble and bass clefs, early in the lessons.

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