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Just one month after his vow to rid himself of Dapper Laughs, he resurrected the character just one month later.

He said at the time: 'It was a type of comedy I shouldn't have been doing.

They were like the story is going to run on Friday.' 'If there was a sniff you were having a same sex relationship.... Elsewhere in the episode, transgender India Willoughby discusses her journey from a man to a woman - with Rachel asking to see her breast.

I've had sexual relationships of various sorts,' she admitted, before indulging: 'I even had a threesome at one time in my youth.'Rachel goes onto ask: 'You had a threesome with a man and a woman? The 52-year-old former editor of The Lady and sister of e Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, is seen in a clip of the next episode brazenly asking India 'can I see your t*ts?

The 'ladies man' was rumoured to have slept with fellow contestant Anisa Topan - who was engaged to be married - but he dubbed the claims 'fabricated bulls**t'DID YOU KNOW...?

Andrew, who has experience as a coal miner, starred in an erotic photoshoot after The Apprentice with glamour model Gail Harris, which saw him dressed in his Apprentice suit and pulling her hair.

He reportedly 'hit it off' with Gail and they later 'spent the night together'AGE: 41FROM: Dublin, Ireland FAMOUS FOR: Shane was one-fifth of beloved Nineties boyband Boyzone and enjoyed wild success as a group before they disbanded in 2000 and then reunited in 2007.

I don't know how I got away with it.'Offering an example of the difficulties she faced in years gone by, the TV star - who is married to crime novelist Hilary Bonner - reveals: 'I was so hounded on Coronation Street.

I'm not going to do what maybe other comedians would do and stand behind DID YOU KNOW...?

Wayne was one of the frontmen in the 20th anniversary celebration of the Full Monty where he stripped off alongside swimming Olympian Mark Foster and Red Dwarf actor Danny John-Jules for an array of charities including Movember, Cancer Research and Prostate Cancer AGE: 35FAMOUS FOR: Shane Gilberto Jeneko uses the stage name Courtney Act - and is an Australian pop singer, drag queen entertainer and reality star.

While talking to Boris Johnson's sister about the difficulty in bringing her same sex relationship to the forefront, The chat begins when Rachel asks her: 'Have you led a full life?

', to which Amanda hilariously quipped back: 'I am worn out and it shows everywhere!

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