Android exchange calendar not updating

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Your gmail settings do not need to be set up again.

Check that access to Contacts is allowed for Outlook: Steps may vary between devices and between operating systems.

This Article describes the most common menu on Android devices.

You might need to find the appropriate menus on your Android if these instructions do not exactly match your device menu.

Another possible cause: is your phone's memory full?

If you are trying to synchronize with your desktop Microsoft Outlook program, the best solution is probably one of the paid desktop solutions.

You can continue to use your phone during the re-syncing period.

If the calendar data that was added on your Android is not synced to the Exchange server, ensure that the calendar event was added to the proper calendar.

To checked that do the following: If the following does not resolve the synchronization issue, remove and re-configure your exchange account on your Android device.

Read the Knowledge Base article Setting Up Active Sync On Android Devices for more information.

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