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Japanese men are very clumsy and lack self confidence in their efforts to seek a partner.What I also find very interesting is that, in Japan, pornography is everywhere which results in women being looked at as “sexual objects” instead of being looked at as potential life partners!

When these guys are out drinking with their coworkers they are often at hostess bars or nightclubs where they are often meeting other women, thus resulting in extra marital relationships.

These hard working men, in wrinkled business suits, often will put in a very long day at the office then, after the office closes for that day, they will be expected to go out and drink with their coworkers or potential clients until the wee hours of the morning.

What this creates for the wife of one of these salary men is a non-marriage!

They will express emotional feelings verbally to the woman with no trepidation.

REALATED POST: Where to Meet Single Women in Tokyo They will also make significant efforts to spend quality time with any woman they are interested in having a relationship with.

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