Advice on dating a separated man

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Then an intruder arrived in the form of our sister Linda, whom we hid in a trunk and smothered with marmalade.

For this I was dispatched to boarding school – or was it for my failed attempt to set fire to my father’s cornfield?

At this point, it can be common to start dating while you are separated or in the process of divorcing.

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Misspelt Munckey would always send his love in her longed-for letters to me at boarding school.

But then one holiday the dread moment arrived (that moment when Louis Jourdan cries out in bewildered awe and dawning delight, 'Oh where oh where did Gigi go? We were going to one of those ghastly Christmas dances to which parents of our station and generation were wont to dispatch their children. Waiting on the landing, I looked up to see a dazzling beauty descend the stairs, her hair piled high, wearing a short turquoise dress. That was in 1963, by which time I had wormed my way into the film business (I had fallen madly in love with Hayley Mills while watching her first film, Tiger Bay, at school, and assumed that becoming a dir­ector would give me my best shot at winning her).

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School largely passed me by, and I spent most of my time there planning new escapades that Jane and I would get up to in the holidays.

which you can use casually in almost any conversation -- that literally doubles or triples the odds that she’ll chase you and want to get physical.

Check it out now, I think he’ll only be leaving it up for another 24 hours or so.

Hayley was there, making a film for Disney, but once it was over she was gone, leaving me to pine for her, for Jane and for English rain.

By Christmas I was home, to find Jane on the stage, playing a deaf-mute in Graham Greene’s Carving a Statue, followed by Passion Flower Hotel – a musical comedy about a gaggle of English schoolgirls trying to lose their virginity to the boys in the school next door.

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