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As efficient as apps can make dating feel, a user might burn through all their most promising Blue matches in just under a month.For now, the premium Blue extension is free for its limited membership of 1,000 trial users in New York, L. Loveflutter will implement a monthly fee once Blue launches in full.

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"Everybody complains about these apps to their friends. "In the Jewish community," Rudder says, "there's a long cultural history of people trying to date specifically in that community, and JDate is supported by that community very explicitly." The problem with targeted matchmaking services beyond JDate, Rudder says, is that it’s difficult for an online dating service to justify subscription fees and turn a profit if it’s narrowed its subscriber base to a fraction of lovers and potential soulmates.

The single biggest community represented among verified Twitter users isn’t celebrities, but rather journalists—who often date among themselves, but who generally responded to news of Blue with a mix of mockery and dread.

Writing for the New York magazine blog Select All, the journalist Madison Malone Kircher notes: "If you’ve got a verified Twitter and are considering using this silly feature, you’re going to find your peers and co-workers and people you’ve possibly already dated." Given the app’s filter and premise, Blue’s potential subscriber base is relatively small, and it’s easy to imagine the app’s total pool of users in any given city feeling downright claustrophobic.

(The digital media conglomerate IAC, based in New York, owns Ok Cupid, Tinder, and ) Of course, before any of these websites existed, there were newspaper personal ads: all text, no photos. As the dating app economy has diversified, the angst of decision-making has intensified.

It's difficult enough to find the perfect match in any case, and online dating now means you have to choose the perfect app first.

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