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Women were no longer the domesticated dolls of the 1950's a la Donna Reed in pearls and polka dot dresses.

At first I was confused and kept checking myself to make sure it was me I was smelling, lol!

As per the docs, i prefer to create under master-app of cluster master and then run splunk apply cluster-bundle.

As a result I can see the apps pushed to slave-apps of each index.

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It doesn’t use any outside word lists, such as dictionaries or thesauri, and it isn’t limited to a specific set of languages.

i douse myself in shalimar, in current formulation of opium, coco chanel,paloma picasso, you name it all the beasts.

Vintage Opium eau de toilette really is the benchmark.

Most accesses originate from the IP address range of your organization but some are from elsewhere (say, employees on dial-up connections).

If your searches by IP are primarily for outside accesses, you probably do not need to index the IP range that corresponds to your organization's subnet.

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