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But there are many who also consider it unfair to the other partner and that flirting for married couples should be strictly off limits. When would it be considered wrong for a married man/woman to flirt?Without the knowledge/consent of the spouse When the other partner has no clue of the flirting activities that his spouse indulges in, then it could be wrong.Very often, flirting starts acquiring sexual undertones and once that happens, it becomes very difficult to stop at verbal sparring and not take it one step further.When you actively seek it Often, flirting is spontaneous, it just happens as a normal response to somebody you find appealing.Again, if the flirting is purely in fun, even without the knowledge of the spouse, as long as it doesn't go further, it might be considered acceptable.

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And it never changes for them even after they get married.

Research conducted by the University of Florida throws light on how married people entered chat rooms on seemingly innocuous reasons like having a friendly chat.

How true they were being to themselves, is a question mark.

A woman flirts with a man to draw his attention and have a good time.

Flirting involves a fair bit of game playing and body language.

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