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(for example the diaper check will/will not happen on a certain day or will/will not happen during certain blocks of time).Don’t abuse it – These restrictions are agreed to before the diaper checks are decided on, and therefore you cannot use them as an excuse for failing your diaper check.Specifics on the time frame of when diaper checks can occur will be discussed on an individual basis.However, I recognize that there are certain restrictions that keep some diaper lovers and adult babies from wearing diapers full time so I will work out a schedule of sorts and allow some leeway to acknowledge those obligations.Fill this form out that summarizes you and your schedule so the diaper checks can take place ~ (Only fill out and send if you have VIP status or already paid for your set of diaper checks.All others will be immediately discarded) Diaper check scheduling Form There are two ways to get signed up for diaper checks.However with a Mommy or Daddy ALWAYS use the option for "Product or service".That option is protected by fraud protection and is the only option where you can get your money back should the AB parent be a scammer.

First time it is missed a specified punishment will be administered ranging from an apology to humiliation.On this page you will find several Mommy's, Daddy's and Baby Sitters.Click on the country, then the state you are looking for a Mommy, Daddy or sitter in. There are some Mommy's and Daddy's that signed up for the directory that are scammers and that after getting payment have cut contact with the baby.Step 1: Earn VIP Status or purchase your diaper Check page and pay for it below Step 2: Fill out the Diaper Check Scheduling form (Must be in that order.Receiving a scheduling form without completing number 1 will result in it being immediately discarded) — Have you been wearing your diaper like a good diaper lover should be?

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