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The cookies contain no personally identifiable information and have no effect once you leave the Medscape site.Significant efforts have been made to develop lens implants or refilling procedures that restore accommodation.The concept of passive single-optic shift lenses has failed.Concomitant poor capsular bag performance makes these lenses an unacceptable trade-off.They consist of a mobile front optic and a stationary rear optic which are interconnected with spring-type haptics.With active-shift lens systems the driving force is provided by repulsing mini-magnets.Magnet-assisted systems potentially combine clinically useful accommodation with satisfactory after-cataract performance.

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Mean axial shift from laser interferometric measurements under stimulation with pilocarpine showed a moderate anterior shift with the 1CU, while the AT-45 paradoxically exhibited a small posterior shift.Lens refilling procedures offer the potential of fully restoring accommodation due to the great impact of increase in surface curvature on refractive lens power.However, various problems remain to be solved before clinical use can be envisaged, above all, again, after-cataract prevention.The key problem, however, is again after-cataract prevention.As opposed to psychophysical evaluation techniques, laser interferometry measures what shift lenses are designed to provide: axial shift on accommodative effort.

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