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This paper will explore the nature of these low level but chronic flood events. A sample dataset is shown below for Annapolis, Maryland to illustrate the phenomenon.

The first figure shows all high tide elevations higher than the current MHHW datum since installation of the Annapolis tide gage.

An upward trend due to relative sea level rise is evident.

For the 2016 nesting season, both sites were found to be medium density nesting beaches.

Kriebel Professor of Ocean Engineering / US Naval Academy A spate of news articles in the past few years have highlighted a growing occurrence of low-level “nuisance” tidal flooding at many coastal locations around the world.

These have been popularly called “King Tides” by the public and the media, e.g.

National Geographic, January 2014, “King Tides: What Explains High Water Threatening Global Coasts?

,” despite the fact the term has no meaning in the scientific and engineering technical communities.

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